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Anyone suffers from pelvic pain?

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Hi ladies.i have a pain over the pubic bone at the front in the centre,

pain in the area of my vagina.The pain is most noticeable when i

walk,go upstairs,stand on one leg (for example when getting dressed or going upstairs),turn over in bed.It can also be difficult to move my legs apart, for example when i get out of a car or bed.what can i do to ease it?my doc said yesterday to take paracetamol,midwife doesnt answer her phone...:(

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I've got it mildly, it's there all the time just flares up if I do to much house work or walking, my sciatica is playing up too, I find rest is the only thing that helps it, ur dr or midwife can refer u for group physio... my friend only went once but she said it helped, u can get support belts too, think it's where the ligaments and cartilage relax that bit too much xx

Hi Neska it sounds like you have SPD, I was diagnosed with it at 16 weeks and sorry to be the bringer of bad news but there is no cure until you've had baby, in most cases it goes away instantly. If you put SPD in google there are a lot of sites with tips on manageing it. I've been to NHS physio and it was ok but not great. As babymother said the best thing is rest, but not too much as you can stiffen up, little and often seems to work best for me. My partner has been brilliant doing the housework, cooking the tea etc I pretty much go to work and rest when at home. I also order my shopping on line as pushing a heavy trolly is a big no no. In the last 5 weeks I found a pilates teacher who specialises in pre and post natal women who really knows her stuff on spd which has really helped, wish I'd known about her sooner. My midwife also referred me for accupuncture which has not done much for me but I'm told some people respond better than others so it may be worth asking yours to refer you and see how you get on. Hope that's been helpful but probably not what you wanted to hear.

Thank you both for your replies.i've only got or still ! 16weeks to go so there is hope that it may go away.i was ok till last week.i woke up with the pain and since then its there.what we have to go through!i'm gonna keep ringing my midwife if not then community midwifes cos i really need to do something about it.i've been off work since week 7 but i do loads at home to be consultant said i cant do pilates due to the bleedings i have.i was looking forward to do some excercises but it looks like i have to wait till baby is helps knowing i'm not the only one.good luck with your pregnancies xx

I have spd quite badly now 34 weeks and had to give up work at 29 weeks because of it. I find I have to really watch what I do everyday and with a 2 year old it can be difficult. One thing that really does help is lying on my side with a pillow between my thighs. This is how I sleep and if I'm really struggling I do it during the day. If feels like it almost resets my pelvis to a manageable pain level. You need to keep your knees together when you move, getting out of bed out the car things like that. I have limited my driving to short journeys that are essential and I do my shopping online. Hope some of this helps its not a nice pregnancy symptom and I had it in first too. It all went whe. He was born so its bit forever. Get a physio ref from your midwife. Ring her team if she's not answering and get one in quickly they can take a while in some areas. I really do feel your pain x

Hi Neska. I self diagnosed myself with SPD after 3 agonising pregnancies in 2000, 2003 & 2007 as I think there was a lot less knowledge about SPD back in those days. The NHS were good enough to give me some crutches but not a diagnosis! I had aching all around my pelvis and a very tight sharp pain central and low down below my bump, no vaginal pain. It was difficult to stand up straight as the pain pulled me downwards. I didn't have crutches for the first pregnancy but probably should have. I used crutches from about 5 months onwards in pregnancies 2 & 3. Then also used a wheelchair in pregnancy 3 and was housebound for the last 6 weeks. I would say it got worse with each pregnancy but it didn't stop me having children as I knew the pain was only short term (if you can call 5 months short term!!) and it would be worth it in the end. Most women dread the labour but I actually looked forward to it as I knew it would be an end to the months of pain. I managed without paracetamol/pain relief as I didn't want to take anything (just my personal choice) - it was difficult though. I found rest was the only option. I was working full-time in my 1st pregnancy but was signed off sick for the whole time. In pregnancies 2&3 I was at home f/t anyway but tried to rest as much as possible whilst still carrying on with daily routines and trying to keep mobile. I just took everything at a slower pace. Small steps whilst walking were best. A pillow between the knees and behind your back in bed might help. For me the pain went as soon as each baby was born and i was lucky enough to have 3 normal straightforward and relatively easy deliveries! After my 3rd baby I felt that my posture was very bad as I had been leaning on elbow crutches for 5 months. I had a lot of back ache, it was like I had forgotten how to stand up straight! The physio dept at the hospital was a great help during pregnancy. I would recommend going to any physio/relaxation classes they offer you. I found the breathing control techniques were essential together with the tens machine. It helped a lot with the pain in the later stages of the pregnancy, not just for the birth. Generally on the whole i found most gps/midwives/consultants to be quite unsympathetic and dismissive and i was just left to get on with it. I just muddled through on my own with the support of a very understanding husband. My advise would be to stay positive and focussed, it's worth it in the end when you are holding your beautiful baby :) It certainly prepared me for motherhood!

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