Nausea driving me crazy

Hello everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer. I sort of am.I have a problem and I'm wondering if anyone else has this and what they are doing for it. My Dr. has prescribed me an anti nausea med to take 30 minutes before a meal. But I'm sure there has to be another way. It comes and goes. Whenever I sit to have supper my tummy starts getting nauseous. Making it hard to eat anything. I don't eat fried foods or fast foods. So it not that . It don't matter what I go to eat my tummy starts to turn. I have been like this for about 10 years now. Yes I went to a specialist and he has no answers for me. He gave me med to keep the acid levels in my tummy down. Yes that helps with that problem perfectly. The nausea will come make me I'll for about aon the or so then I'm fine for a few months and it returns. I'm hoping any of you might have an answer for me.

Sincerely your friend Country-Gal

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  • Hi country-gal.. The only thing I can think of that might help is some ginger ale. I drink some of that and usually the nausea goes away within a couple of minutes... Good luck with this - it is no fun...

  • Hi I have tried that and n9 good. I went to Dr he thinks maybe some of my mess may be the cause. So we are juggling them around to different times of the day and lower dosage. I'm hoping it helps as this is bad. I'm on almost a liquid diet. Lol good for weight loss but that's it. Toast with peanut butter and jam helps. Crackers too. Tea seems at this point to be the best soups. I'm not loosing too much weight where the Dr is concerned yet so no worries. He also has put me on antinausiant 30 min before I eat. This also is helping.

  • Aye my nausea comes n goes aswell n I just need 2 grin n bear it really. X

  • Do you have any acid reflux?

  • I hate the nausea

  • Oh god i hate nausea its the worst thing ever

  • Just realised ive replied twice hahaha

  • Yes I have acid reflux. The Dr says it's known as fibro flu. It's not really the flu it's just another symptom that goes with fibro, plus having nerologucal illnesses makes it worse. Thanks for all your advice.

    Sincerely your friend Country Gal.