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Changes to the appeal process for benefit assement S for the disabled

I urge you all to sign a petition that is currently running on 38degrees. The link is as follows


The government are trying to change the appeal process so that disabled people will no longer be able to go before a tribunal judge, instead they will only be able to submit a paper appeal or by online internet link. An ex solicitor or clerk will decide appeals by using a tick box system, which is similar to the assessment. They are NOT experienced to decide the lives of disabled people ! Please seek out and sign as this may get pushed through within 48hrs without all of your help

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I have already signed this petition so please, please let us all do our best to support those who are trying to help us and others who have disabilities. I have been part of this movement for some time now and we all know that we need these people on our side.


Yes we do froglette, if we don't stand up for our rights we can't expect anyone else to X