Fibro and blue badge

I'm really struggling with walking at the moment to the point where I drive to take my son to the park which is a 10 min walk away, that's simply too far for me.

I am thinking of applying for a blue badge - not to use it on good days obviously but if I've been sat in a at for a while or say been to a restaurant and sat in same position for a while I tend to worsen and can barely walk.

Has anybody else applied for a badge and been successful? Any advice would be great please xx

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  • Is that some kind of parking permit for handicapped?

  • Yes it is x

  • Thanks. I have had a handicapped placard for my car for a couple periods in my life. I also only used it when I really needed it. Sometimes got dirty looks from people because my disabilities are not visible. I don't really need one anymore, I'm happy to say!

  • It's always going to pose problems being invisible and it's frustrating as not everybody understands. If I'm having a good day I wouldn't need to use it, it wouldn't be abused, just available for when I need it.

    Thanks for your message xx

  • Hello to you

    I have a blue badge for some years, the last time I applied I got it automatically which was good.

    Please apply it is easy online. the main criteria they use is how far you can walk, i would be honest, dont be brave but tell them your limitations or they may refuse you. For your first application they may ask you to attend for interview, in that interview they will watch how you walk and how far, use your walking stick walk slow,

    I would advise that you give info on your worst day as if you say you are fine most of the time you will probably be refused.

    You will be assessed on walking 50 metres and if you have to stop, like i say work on a very bad day, dont enhance your abilities as you will need the blue badge.

    Good luck

  • Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate the advice. I will go ahead with my application and fingers crossed will be accepted. It's so blooming frustrating having to be dropped off by friends / family as close to destination as possible because I can't risk the distance and pain.

    Thanks again and I hope you're having a good day xx

  • Did you get it?im in north ayrshire thinking of applying for one to.thanks.

  • Hi, did you manage to get your blue badge in the end? I have fibro and got mine by calling them so they asked me questions and they filled it in for me. It was easier as my pip is messed up. After that I had to ask my career to take me to the town hall for a photo to be taken and to pay for it. I cannot get in the local library so had to go to the town hall.

  • Think i will wait just a couple of weeks until my mri results appointment with my orthopaedic dr as ive been having constant disc herniation problems, so where do i get the phone number though,thanks for your help.