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Australian Webinar on Dementia Choices and Planning for the Future

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The Australian charity, Decision Assist, is holding a free webinar that will focus on individual choice, preparation and planning for the future. Might be a bit early for our European followers but could work for people in the US: Thursday 30 March 1.30pm to 2.15pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Click here if you want to register:

And here is one of the case studies they will be discussing:

When Jane says she doesn’t want to go to hospital, what does she mean? Why is she saying that? What is important to her and what is she aiming to avoid? How do we work respectfully with her to understand what she is saying and what she means?

Jane has early dementia and some physical frailty.

She is living alone in her own home.

She recently had a hospital admission and has decided that she does not want to die in hospital and that she would like to stay in her own home for as long as possible.

She is socially isolated and unsure of who she can trust to make decisions for her when she may no longer be able to.

Jane has some awareness of the challenges ahead for her and wants to make her preferences known.

This webinar will focus on individual choice, preparation and planning for the future, and connections to other support services.

It will help you to:

Recognise people may not all want the same level of care

Know where to refer people for assistance

Understand your role and responsibility in assisting people with their choices.