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What's your link to learning disability?

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Hello. We're always looking for ways to make your online community better, if you could take two seconds to fill in our poll here that'd be awesome. Thanks. Sarah

LDAutie in reply to Sarah_Mencap

Hi Sarah_Mencap i added mine to the poll,what if you come under two or more does it matter? I also have an uncle with LD (PMLD).

Have you you or someone else on the team got root access to the server mencap community is hosted on? If so have a look at widgit point, if you hover on a word it turns it into a widgit symbol so coud allow anyone with word or visual processing difficulty to join in.widgit.com/products/point/i...

Really annoyingly it’s not cheap for either single people/families or charities,so there must be funding or grants out there that’d pay for it.

I was almost funded this by my old CLDT for my learning disabled adults social network,but I don’t think it woud have worked anyway as I had no root access.

Sarah_MencapAdministrator in reply to LDAutie

Hello LDAutie

Thanks for taking part - I did ask about letting people fill in more than one option but we hoped by only having one option people would put their main connection.

I don't have access to the server, as the whole community is hosted by HealthUnlocked, but I will let them know about your suggestion. It is a really good idea.

Thank you


LDAutie in reply to Sarah_Mencap

Sorry Sarah I bet it seems like I’m being fussy 😆 Although I know there is a limit when people start thinking ‘is this a joke’ when the list is miles long.😂

If HU were up for it,they coud use just giving or crowd fund to pay for the yearly sub for widgit point,I’d be donating.

I don’t know how it worked with social network platforms but Widgit used to make a great PC internet browser called web wise and it turned everything into symbols without any mess,they stopped working on it long ago sadly.

I think that’s when they started Point, but the cost means no one takes them up on it.

Itll take a long time pulling everything together but I might be able to make a symbolised web browser if I can afford the software and...if I can do it-I’ll ask my staff and appointee as for some reason you have to pay to get your app put on Apples App Store,androids doesn’t charge as much but I have no android tablet,I want to make one that’ll go on both.

I may have access to a huge symbols catelogue as I know the maker....or used to know them I shoud say but I can always get back in contact.

I made a simple web browser in Visual Basic years ago,so I’ll see if I can give it a try as the development software I am thinking of trying is supposed to be simple.😁 if I manage to make this I’d be giving it for free no ads either.I hate the idea of charging for things that make the internet accessible to more people.

I am sorry for the long post I type without looking and have no short term memory so I waffle , even more so when I’ve had my PRN.