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My husband died of melanoma

I am very very confused and angry. My husband died last week.

We knew he had stage IV melanoma (primary ocular melanoma) with spread to the psoas muscle and lungs we were not aware of how advanced it was. He had recently been diagnosed of the spread to the heart but was referred to cardiology.

Initially they wanted to put cause of death as a Heart attack but after my insistence they carried out a post mortem and it is now been recorded as 'Disseminated Melanoma' with cardiac metastasis.

I have now found out he was a very sick man with significant spread to most of his body.

Why did we not know this. He was getting over edema and we were planning a holiday.

I feel cheated that we were not aware of how sick he was. Why wasnt he being treated accordingly. We should have been spending our last times together enjoying what we had left. Instead I was constantly pushing him to get better, take his meds, and eat properly to get well and strong to go on holiday. No one ever told us how bad he was.

I am still waiting on his urgent cardiology appointment 5 weeks later.

Can someone advise me please. I feel so angry that as a terminal cancer patient he was not diagnosed or treated better.

I am sorry if I am probably not explaining myself very well.

Should I complain, should I get justice, should I accept things, I really don't know what to think or do!!! I asked the coronars officer what he would do under these circumstances if it was his loved one and he admitted that he would follow it up!!!

Thank you for reading this and thank you to anyone who can respond.