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Introduce yourself!

Why not to start with introducing yourself to the community? You can write about your condition, life experience.. also can ask own questions here:

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I have cll and belong to the cll group. I was dx with cll in 2007 and have been on watch and wait. I went to my yearly dermatologist visit in Jan. 2016. He found melanoma on my leg on removed it. For such a small spot it's a large scar. He got all of it which I am very thankful. kathyg


I was diagnosed with melanoma just over 10 years ago (stage 2), and had my toe amputated. After that i continued to be NED and just got on with life as normal with regular monitoring, until April this year when i felt a golf ball sized, hard, painless lump in my right groin. After a needle biopsy, I was diagnosed with melanoma (stage 3), and went on to have a lymph node dissection. I have now been left with lymphadema and nerve damage which still causes pain, and chronic fatigue.

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