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What type of lymphoma do you have?

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I have SLL

I have Stage 4 Follicular as well as Aggressive Diffuse Large B Cell. Ha ha ha....I got two for the price of one! LOL

I have stage 4 grades 1,2 and 3..follicular lymphoma, Was diagnosed in March 2011, ..I have had 8 cycles of CVRP...and maintenance treatments of rotuximab for two years...I have six of those treatments under my belt...only 2 more...August 2013 will be my last...I saw my oncologist in Novemeber and he told me 1yr remission...as my daughter stated...I crushed cancers balls hahahaah

my husband has CLL ( chronic lymphoma leukemia) stage 1 no treatment as yet, diagnosis Feb this year 2013. lymph node in neck yesterday swelled up like a golf ball, Dr said might be coming down w/something or the cancer is awakening, will know in 2 more weeks when he goes back to oncologist. Hope you all are doing well, considering...

I'm in a very grey area ,was diagnosed with CLL in Alberta last Oct at the Baker Clinic in Calgary , now in Montreal at Royal Vic Hospital and specialist Dr. Routy believes I have Monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis so under going more testing at the moment ,thyroid was enlarged at time of diagnosis also.

My husband has Stage 4 Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma

I have DLBCL and was diagnosed 07/2015. Metastases in pelvis and left hip joint. 6 rounds of R-CHOP. In remission now. Bone remodelling in acetabulum and sternum , so this is showing up on pet scan as low grade uptake. My doc is happy with how things are going although I freaked out a bit with the fact that I was " lighting -up" in those 2 places but Ive been told twice now that i am in clinical remission..next meeting with doc in June and not more scans, I've been told, unless I relapse..The only thing is, how do I know that I won't relapse, unless they scan me? I had no idea in the first stage how unwell I was until my cancer had spread to the bones.....Strange..

As per the words of my oncologist's nurse: Stage 3 sollicular Lymphoma transformed into difuse large B cell Lymphoma.

Non-Hodgkin's splenic marginal zone lymphoma

Husbamd diagnosed 2014 CLL = Dec 2017 diagnosed with DLBCL (Richter's Transformation) STG 4

Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Husband has follicular lymphoma stage 4B. Diagnosed in 2013,r chopx6.

Has just started Bendamustine and rituximab 2 months ago.

I have SLL.