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SUVmax on PET Scan


Is the SUVmax from a PET scan used as a prognostic indicator? I had an SUVmax of 24 and that’s very high. My online research has yielded some information about this and I’m curious if anyone has any insight. Thank you in advance.

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I think you got this answered on another board. In case you didn’t, it is a prognostic indicator but there are many things that can cause an elevated SUV including infection and exercise.

Dariada in reply to Denzie

Thank you fir replying Denzie. I don’t recall posting this on another board but perhaps someone else did! I’ll take a look for sure. I don’t exercise and I’m not aware of any infections I might’ve had when the PET was done so I’m not sure if either of those issues apply to me but it is interesting to know. I’ve since asked my PCP abs surgeon what the high number is about. They both sort of waved the question off. There’s nothing I can do about it in any event. I’m hoping fir the best.