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Have you received your covid-19 vaccination?

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I am on immunotherapy, was told timing was important, within four days prior to next treatment.

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LorraineDPartner in reply to Leirem

thanks Leirem, hope your immunotherapy is going smoothly.

Lorraine @RoyCastle

I had my injection about 3 weeks ago. I was quite unwell for 48 hours afterwards.

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LorraineDPartner in reply to Benjy2018

Benjy, appreciate you sharing the information. It helps us build a picture for others. Hope you have recovered, stay safe.

Lorraine @RoyCastle

I felt flu like for 24 hours and then slept for most of the next day or two.

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LorraineDPartner in reply to MacColl

MacColl, we have heard a few people talking about feeling like they have flu. Hope you have your energy back, stay safe,

Lorraine RoyCastleHelpline

I had the Pfizer vaccination 2 days prior to chemo/immunotherapy combo as advised by my team. Had received an appointment from my gp that didn't fit with my treatment, but they were very helpful and changed it to suit. Didn't feel a thing, well organised system. Barely sore arm, no other symptoms whatsoever. 👍 bring on the follow up!

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LorraineDPartner in reply to magstherunner

Hi Mags, glad to hear it all went smoothly with no major side effects. Take care, hope chemo/ immuno treatment is not too grueling.

Lorraine @RoyCastle

Hi Lorraine. I just wanted to let you know that I had mild flu reaction but I also have Diverticulitis and am having scan's for Colon cancer and had terrible stomach pain's 2 hour's after the vaccine which lasted for 3 day's.

Thank you to you all for all you do. Please keep safe.

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LorraineDPartner in reply to Danni54

Hello Danni, I am sorry to hear about your further worries about colon cancer. Hope you don' t have too long to wait for your scans and your pain is under control.

best Lorraine@RoyCastle

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Danni54 in reply to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine. I just wrote a long message back and lost it because I am not doing too well and the pain is overwhelming a lot of the time with a wedge fracture of 2 vertebrae ...long story with mistakes made. I will write my story again maybe in my profile because ì have and am going through incredible pain having bèen told by Australia that I now have spinal cancer but when the spine Xray was sent back here they said no but this happened with my lung cancer where Australia saw the tumour but nothing was done. Over a year

and a half later I had pneumonia, ambulanced to hospital and oops Adenocarcinoma and I had an upper right Lobectomy having felt really ill. Also now scan's for my Colon and a story to that. I don't know who to trust and the pain front, back and in other joint's is excruciating despite morphine and opioid's and I don't know who to turn to.

So sorry! I didn't mean to offload. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring. Please take care. All the very best,