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How did you hear about LDN?

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I started LDN 2003 for Multiple Sclerosis and it saved my life!

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I first saw LDN mentioned in some MS groups, then started my own internet research and read a book that mentioned LDN as a treatment. I then joined the LDN Research Trust group to read about other people's personal experiences and learn even more.

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Friends on other sits for MS sufferer's who were on LDN with fantastic results so i researched it. Now I am an Advocate of LDN. I promised to pay it forward if it worked. LDN does work. I will keep paying it forward till i can no more. Xxx

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I learnt about LDN whilst searchimg on the internet.....I heard a speaker on an American radio program talkimg about it. Have been on it almost three months. I have Parkinsons, am not sure whether or not it has kicked in as yet!

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I was recomended to take it by someone who has MS he is part of trials at Camebridge University for LDN I was sceptical but he was right in everthing he said about it

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I had searched for a year and found many great things. My son went to Stanford Univ. School of Medicine. In a last ditch attempt to find something to help me and others, I went to Stanford, went to drug studies, typed in Fibromyalgia and found LDN . Within a week, I started it and am ever so grateful.


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My doctor went to a conference and sent his patients info about how it helps autoimmune disorders. I began to research it and join forums to learn more about it. I am so grateful he shared his new knowledge with us to get the ball rolling. I started LDN May 2015 for Hashimotos and have felt wonderful ever since.

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Recommended by ND

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I was searching the internet reading about supplements and IV vitamin C, when I came upon Dr. Mercola's website, which led me to Dr. Bihari's story. I texted my family physician immediately and asked him to prescribe it for me to treat stage 4 colorectal cancer and CFS. He said YES and I've been taking it for 4 months. I'm hopeful and optimistic and fully expect it to be my miracle.

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Please check out liposomal vit c as well.

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I'm one of the lucky ones, my Rheumatologist had been prescribing LDN and recommended it to me. I'm so happy he did!

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My Rheumatologist prescribed LDN as a bit of a last resort, as no other drugs have helped with Seronegative Arthritis.

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A colleague mentioned that I should join the LDN Research Trust to learn more about the benefits of LDN.

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Internet research then read The LDN Book. My MD wouldn't prescribe it but my ND did, no problem.

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Recommended by my naturopath.

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A friend introduced me to the research of ldn