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Should we rename our "Report" functionality to "Flag", when bringing content to the attention of a moderator and HealthUnlocked staff?

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The term Flag to my way of thinking could be misunderstood - I see Flag as something I would use to mark/identify something that needs action by me or that I would want to revisit later, eg as in its use in email programmes.

I appreciate that ‘report’ may be seen as a slightly aggressive term, but it is widely used in other social media platforms, and it’s meaning is clear. It does what it says in the tin.

Pepa, I would echo Soreknees2016 reply.

'Report' is self explanatory: we report to you, you take whatever action you deem necessary.

'Flag' is more like: 'action needed here'!. To give an example of what I mean:

we may flag a certain day in the calendar because it's a friend's birthday, or because we have to pay a bill.

The difference is fairly subtle, maybe I just prefer 'report' because it is straight forward and unpretentious

I think maybe having both options is good. Report can be used for those who wish to say why they want to report. Flag I think could be used by those who are not happy with a post, but don't want to say anything because of time or don't know how to express what they are concerned about.

I sometimes see a lot of exchanges going on, which I think are unpleasant, but could not comment via report as it would take too long. Flag would allow me to show which ones I feel need attention, where a thread has got out of control.

Flag to me, means that a concern is being raised.

Depends on the report! Some over reaction! On my forum! Which!..... Is less face it strongly girl related! Great information though!

Great Info

I think report and I've voted, but as many have mentioned for a while we need the option to report profiles quickly for spam/advertising without having to email HU...please can you consider this in your update on reporting :)

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Hello Mdaisy,

Thanks so much for your reply. And yes, we are considering what is the best way to report a profile that breaches with our terms. However, nothing has been decided yet. As soon as we have more clarity on the how and when, we will be posting about it.

They actually are pretty similar terms! As you report someone/thing or you Flag it for attention

what would be more useful is more terms or better terms in the Tab?

I voted to stick with Report. Most members understand what it represents.

But once you've clicked on Report there is no indication that there are alternatives to Personal Abuse without actually clicking on it. Many of our members have worked this out but we still get Reports of Personal Abuse when it should be Offensive Language, Trolling or Spam. Could you add an arrow or even the word 'more' to indicate there are further options?

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Hi annienell,

Thanks so much for your reply and for highlighting this issues. The idea is to get rid of the dropdown menu and instead display all 5 categories on the modal for members to select the one that represents better what they are reporting.

Whenever that is about to happen, we will be posting it in this community!

I have picked Report because it’s what you want to do. Also, if you change the name, some of the members from other countries may not understand completely what flag may mean. Everyone knows what the word Report means and how it works ( when they feel there’s a reason to click the button).

Hello Activity2004, that's a valid point you raised, about members from other countries

BTW, I like your kitty avatar, is this a pic of your kitty? I have a one eyed ginger boy.

She’s mine!😀👍

Thank you for the reply. I deal with Diabetes India and sometimes I have to explain different meanings for certain things related to the site and certain words, in general.

Thank you, I had a feeling she was yours, she looks right into her mama's eyes.

Your job seems quite rewarding, take care.

Thank you! I actually have DI, DRWF and also the Healthy Eating group.😀👍

Activity 2004...more like Activity 24/7!

But I bet your favorite job of all is looking after kitty. A home without an animal is not complete.


I think "report" indicates a problem,

whereas "flag" to me ... I "flag" emails and other messages so I can go back to them and find them more easily at a later date so it is a positive good thing to flag messages for me not highlighting a problem.

"Reporting" problems and inappropriate/unwanted messages is more proactive.... in my opinion.


I totally agree with Soreknees2016 in that using a flag system is just marking something; that is a system I use on my work emails so that I can flag them when I know they need to be kept back/dealt with.

Keep report


Thanks so much for all the feedback! We really appreciate when you members reach us via or reply to our posts.

We will maintain "Report" :)

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Good news, thank you Pepa for letting us know.

Pepa, I see the thumbs-up is here. Will it be re-instated to the Forums as well please?

Instead of the unpopular Heart....


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Hi pigeonCI-HU,

Thanks for your reply. I think you will agree that we should keep our conversation focus on the relevant post about icon and button. ;) I promise I will be submitting my reply there tomorrow.

Have a lovely afternoon

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That's fine Pepa, you are actually right, about not mixing the two issues.

Thank you,


Flag would be a better handle. As it signifies something apart , significant requiring a specific response.