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Unprotected SEX



I just want to describe little bit about my situation here, I have unprotected vaginal sex with a girl of unknown HIV status. I do not go all the way inside her vagina and i only had my upper part of penis inside her. This act was only for 20 -30 seconds and i ejaculate outside because she was not feeling comfortable and crossing her legs again and again. When i saw my penis was all dry and there was no vaginal fluids on it beacuse i do not go all the way. This happened on 15 October.

Then after that i went to clinic in vancouver and get tested for the following test.

After 9days, 16 days and after 4 weeks.


*4th generation

*3rd generation




*Rapid test

ALL the test was **NEGATIVE**.

Nurse told me that no further testing is required, So it is true ? He told me that if suppose that if 4th generation miss to detect the antigens and antibodies then the HIV NAAT RNA might have shown reactive. IN your case everything is negative, So he said to conclude no futher testing is required.

Are these are results are good indicator?


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This one is Gud, but u want to take a test after three months