Hunts Community Cancer Network

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I would like to introduce myself as the HCCN team administrator. I work in the office with the nurses, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Our direct line is 01480 416410. Please call me or leave a message if you require any further information on the services of HCCN.

I am not a clinical person but I can take a confidential message and get an answer for you or ask a nurse to make contact with you.

I have lots of experience in administration and although I am new to the NHS, I believe I have lots of life experience to bring to this post too in order to assist the nurses and our patients.

I will also help administrate the site for the benefit of users.

Don't forget to keep yourself updated with our service by looking at our website!

Best wishes

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Thanks for this, Mandy. I think we've met and felt you are just the sort of person to help make the wheels go round both for the team and for us - so important for us patients who need the reassurance to know our messages will get through.