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The Ultimate Reasons behind Taking a Yoga Teacher Training in India

The first thing that comes to our mind when we speak about yoga is that it is a spiritual way of seeking a balance between our mind, body, and soul, and that it requires extreme dedication and commitment. Almost every 6 out of 10 articles written on the topic will tell you that yoga was first practiced in India and that it is a discipline that dates back to over 5,000 years.

Even though the art and science of yoga was discovered in India, it can’t be denied that almost all yoga schools and ashrams in the country attracts more western applicants as compared to Indians. Let’s find out what contributes in India’s status as the yoga epicentre of the world what makes yoga teacher training in India so important for learners that they travel across miles and miles to visit the country.

Unity in Diversity

India is nothing if not bright, overwhelming, and diverse. The country’s landscape changes every few miles and the number of languages spoken and cultures observed are way more than what you can count for in a single lifetime. Yet, the country is united in its enthusiasm and keenness to keep the ancient yogic studies alive even after centuries have passed by. Yoga is not only a wellness routine here. It is a way of life.

Different Styles Different Types

Telling yourself that you wish to pursue a yoga teacher training in India can be really vague for India not only gave birth to yoga but it also observes at least a dozen different kinds of yoga. So, before you decide or sign up for such a training, research on what style suits your needs and your body type the best. Most schools and ashrams offering yoga teacher training in India specialize in more than one type or combine two or three distinctive styles of yoga.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Almost every other established yoga school which offers yoga teacher training in India is now registered with Yoga Alliance which enables them to award their participants a chance to register themselves as Registered Yoga Teacher upon successful completion of the course. This recognition enables graduates of the program to teach universally.

Short Term Courses

India allows a long-term 6 month tourist visa to a lot of countries which enables visitors to travel the country for a stretched period of time. A lot of people visit the country just to explore the country but also to search for the meaning of their existence. And, at such moments in life, not everybody is looking for indulging into a full-fledged yoga teacher training in India. Some just take time off and take a short term course or a yoga and meditation retreat.

If all these reasons aren’t enough, travel to India for the beauty of it or for the various cuisines that can spice up your taste buds. Whatever may be your excuse, pack your bags and buy a ticket to the birth land of magic and mystic right now.