Follow-up after seeing doctor

Hello!! Quick little note to let you know I saw my doctor this morning. She is wonderful and knows so much about Hep C....I am very lucky. She said that I would be fine to continue with the Advil and the patches. As long as they work for me and I don't take too much Advil, just the minimum, I should be fine. She wants me to go along with that and as long as it helps me, that is all I will do. She is also concerned that I not take too many more meds on top of what I am taking for the Hep C treatment. She wants me to come and see her again if I find what I am doing is not helping any longer. She said there are other options that I could do but why add more meds if I don't need. I agree wholeheartedly with her. I do not want more drugs and if I don't need them, I'm not taking them.

I have taken an Advil and put the patch on and no more pain. I am thankful that this is working and I only hope it stays like this. We will see. I have been positive about all of this stuff and I think it really, really helps. You know the old expression..."mind over matter"....well, I think there is a lot to that.

This evening is very nice. I feel very well and no pain. I should say that I do find that most of my evenings are the best part of my day. Now, I don't know if it is my body or if it is just nice to be home with my husband in the evenings and I feel better because he is here with me. I am home alone all day and sometimes that can be a little scary......I guess I'm a little needy right now and feel a little abandoned during the day. I am thankful for the computer and for a wonderful web site I found for HCV Support. I have many friends on the site and a lot of people who are going through treatment as well. It is a comfort to me.

Well, I said this was a quick little note.....I guess I got that one wrong!!!! Sorry..... I will say goodnight for now and I am going to write tomorrow with a couple of ideas that I have been thinking about lately. I think a couple of things might be helpful for those of you who are thinking about going into treatment or for those of you who are supporting someone with Hep C. I'm gonna lie down now and enjoy this lovely evening......fire going in the woodstove, cuddling under a warm quilt and just relaxing.....life is good!!!!!!

Goodnight and will talk tomorrow.....