I'm Back!!!!

Hello Everyone:

I returned back from my Tuscan vacation on Sunday, September 23rd. Wow....what a trip. I was gone for 2 weeks and did so much. In those two weeks I was in five countries: Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and England. We only spent a few hours in Switzerland and Germany and England and spent the majority of our time in Arezzo, Italy. I can't tell you how beautiful it is in the Tuscany region. The sights and the hills and vineyards are just as you would imagine and then some. We travelled to Rome for a day and it was the busiest, noisiest and crowded city I was ever in. When you hear about the crazy drivers in Rome, it is true!!!!! I don't know how any of them survive longer than a week while driving there. We took a taxi to the Vatican and it was quite an adventure. The Vatican was breathtaking and so much bigger than I thought. We travelled by train to Rome and that was very nice.

All in all, I had a wonderful time and hardly thought about my Hep C. That was the plan.....I am starting my treatment on October 4th and wanted to have one last "hurrah" before that happens. It was a good plan....I am well rested, feeling great and ready to take on this battle of my life!!!!!

Right now I am just taking it easy for this week and trying to imagine how I am going to feel during treatment. I know there will be side affects to the drugs but I am doing lots of positive thinking and expect to not have too many.

My daughter, her husband and my 3 year old grandson are coming for a week long visit startiing on October 4th!!!! Can you imagine???? This will be my first day of treatment and also the day they arrive and stay with me for a week. I am hoping that nothing bad happens to me with the drugs until after they are gone. I am actually praying for this as I have big plans for my grandson. I want to take him out every day and have lots of fun with him. They live in Ontario and I haven't seen them since August. The timing couldn't be worse but I will make the best of it. Thankfully my husband will be here to help me, if needed.

I'm not sure if I mentioned about my little experience having my EKG done......it has been a while and I simply can't remember if I posted this. Please excuse me if I did: I had to get an EKG done before starting treatment. I went to the Infirmary for this and when I was called into the room, the young female technician asked me if I knew why so many people were coming in for EKG's from this one doctor. As I was in a hospital setting and thought I was speaking with a professional health care person, I told her why I was there. I told her I was being treated in the Hepatitis Clinic and she asked me if I had Hep C. I told her that I did. She asked me how I got it. I told her I didn't know. She then said (and I quote) "I'm glad I have to wear rubber gloves for my job as I am dealing with a lot of people like you." I was dumbfounded and shocked. In any other setting, other than a hospital, I probably would have been angry and told her so. Because I was in the hospital and thought she was someone who should know what she is talking about, I just walked away feeling embarrassed and depressed. I never mentioned this to my husband who was waiting for me.

I told this to the people at the Hep clinic and they were so upset. They said that I should call the patient line at the hospital and let them know. The people in the Hep clinic said it is something I should do so that they can help educate that particular technician and perhaps all of the people working in that section. I did make the call and told them. The person I spoke with said that not only was the comment about the rubber gloves inappropriate, but her question to me about why so many people are coming from this doctor, was also inappropriate. They are looking into this further. I will update you if I hear more.

Well, that is it for now. I am now just in the "waiting mode" for treatment. I will try to write another blog sometime before October 4th, the Big Day. I know there will be lots to write about once that day comes and in the following months.

Hope you are all well and I will write soon.




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Dear Believer, I wish there was something we could all do about people like that nurse. I know just how you feel. It's like me when I talked with the hygienist and she said "so we can all protect ourselves" And they already are suppose to be wearing rubber gloves. They make it sound as if we are dirty and yes it sort of leaves a scar with us. I know I have had some similar experiences. They are not ones we will forget anytime soon.

Best of luck to you on October 04th, I wish you all the best. xo



Welcome back!!

We are so glad to have you back in Canada, and overjoyed to hear about your fantastic trip! If you come by the office, you'll have to bring photos!

As for the questions/comments from that nurse, we're shocked and appalled to hear that! You are doing the right thing by following up with the hospital. If people like that are not corrected, they simply continue discriminating against others. We're sorry that you had to encounter stigma like that, but are happy to hear you're fighting it! Please keep us up-to-date on that too, and call the office if you need support!

Looking forward to your future blogs!

HepNS Staff


Hi All

I have just joined this community as I am a Hep B carrier and my wife used to have Hep C.

My wife found she had Hep C while in Hospital for depression and one of the Doctors was on th ball and did a blood test for Hep C. When asked how she got it the hospital was very good and only asked her the embarrassing questions when she was alone, what it is most likely is from when she was nursing about 45 years ago and got caught by a sharp.

Anyway that is not what I am trying to say what I am saying is when she had the treatment to get rid of the Hep C it was all very experimental in this country (England) and also this was about 6 or 7 years ago.

It was the same as Chemotherapy, she lost her hair and had the sickness that one has with chemo therapy but she does not have hepatitis of any type.

Good luck to you and god bless