How would you rate the quality of health care in your country?

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  • Friendly service for the most part but doctors are seriously lacking in nutritionaI info concerning foods and vitamins; even gastro-intestinal doctors. Unfortunately, most doctors that insurance will help pay for only know one approach to healing: the pharmaceutical one of prescribing medicine. Any alternative holistic approaches (homeopathic, acupuncture, herbals, nutritional therapies, Raieki, stress management, functional style doctoring, etc.) require that the patient do a lot of his/her own research and pay out of pocket. I wish our medical system wasn't so controlled by Big Pharma and insurance companies. I live in America.

  • Do you think insurance companies should cover nutritional counseling (like from a dietitian)?

  • That would be great. I have seen a nutritionist who has more than 40 years experience but he is not covered by my insurance and now that my funds are so limited I can't always afford to see him. I wish insurance companies covered more preventative health concerns, then maybe there wouldn't be so many major illnesses which develop because of day-to-day bad healthy living styles.

  • That's a great insight. Thanks for sharing! What lifestyle changes have you made to accommodate for not being able to always see your nutritionist?

  • Since even before I had a biopsy and was diagnosed as having AIH, I had changed my diet to include only a few sprouted grains, mostly organic foods, and no sugar. Since being diagnosed with AIH, I also eliminated all gluten, soy products, dairy and foods in the nightshade family. A lot of this diet was recommended by a homeopathic doctor I saw one time after my release from the hospital. I also did quite a bit of research to discover what would be the most beneficial diet for me. In essence, by the time I saw the nutritionist he mostly agreed with my diet changes. He also was able to suggest helpful vitamin supplements. My goal is to convince my antibodies not to attack my liver so I can get off the Prednisone and Azathioprine. I am concerned about the long-range side effects I always read everyone talking about. I think the extra vitamins and continued outdoor exercise have helped me a lot. I'm a gardener and can work many hours when I'm totally into a project. Any time now when I begin having doubts or start to worry about what others are saying on here, and other forums, I just keep mentally repeating, "I am healing. I am healed." This helps... Plus I'm trying to do a meditative exercise first thing in the morning. Still working on that routine and I do slip up occasionally on the strict diet. It was easier in the beginning. When I first heard people talking about Prednisone causing them to gain weight I was actually surprised. Of course, it's my first time ever taking any drugs so I didn't know. However, I have lost more than 40lbs since taking Prednisone so my mostly strict food regimen has surely helped with that. Now, if I can only learn to give more concise answers... hmmm 😃

  • Wow that is quite the lifestyle change. Besides repeating "I am healing. I am healed" are there any other factors that keep you motivated?

  • My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter keeps me motivated. My daughter and granddaughter live with me. Also enjoy canoeing & kayaking with friends, camping, learning about herbs & primitive skills and working in the garden.