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Treatment and working

Hi, I've posted before about starting treatment. I've started a course of Sofosbuvir and Ribiviron and I'm in week 2.

Nothing major to report symptoms wise, just a headache everyday and I've started to feel very achy (like when you have a cold and if anything touches you, it's crippling).

I've decided to go back to work only part time, I didn't think that my treatment would interfere, but I think it is.

I had a day off because of aching, and my boss has phoned me worried that I'm not able to do my job.

I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my job because I love working there, but I think that maybe he's right and I went back to work too early.

I don't know what I'm trying to get from posting this but I'm in a pickle and don't know what to do.

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I take the same treatment as you just got my blood results from week 2 no hep c detected I’m not clear of the virus


That's to bad I dont think he can do that to you becouse you told him in the beginning you should get help becouse of your hep c

But I understand how you feel all to well. I'm on the same as you week 4 it's the highest point if treatment I was told .

Fatigue is the worst can't do anything then nexed day I feel better bit more energy.

Iv detoxed of most junk food and did liver cleansing this help me cut out all soft drinks coffee just had herbal teas.

You have to change you mind to get well mode iv been in and out if hospital. I just rest as much as possible and do little then rest

My job is hard but I have to forse myself otherwise I dont eat or pay bills.

Ask your nurse if you can take vitamins or look up foods to eat that helps you I did a lot of resurch to help me through the first 3 weeks.

Keep it up time dos pass quickly dosnt seem like it at first but it will .

If you have anything you want to ask me i will be happy to help .

Keep a positive mind.

Good luck x

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