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Treatment options

I have not started treatment yet and havent been offered treatment. Consequently i shall wait until treatment is offered and then read up online and through forums such as this to get information about side effects and different treatments.

I have read some encouraging posts from people who after a couple of months treatment have tested negatively to hep c.

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Hi, I was diagnosed earlier in the year in type 2 hep c after catching it at work last year. After being off work since I'm within touching distance of getting treatment. Because of being genotype 2 I thought I had to have pegylated interferon and ribaviron via injections and tablets which I was dreading given its side effects and my bad anxiety and depression. However because I've waited so long, I just have to have 7 tablets a day, I'm not sure of what though. I think it's a new medicine that has been in the making which I've read very good things about, curing people in less time than normal.

Honestly after the wait for treatment and communication with doctors and nurses and all the blood tests and the general feeling unwell, I can't wait to start treatment and it is the first time in a long time that I'm in a positive frame of mind.


Well Mintop im glad treatment is on the way after a long wait Dont know much about your genotype but great that you dont have to go for the interferon option.

Good luck

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Thanks, I'm so relieved I don't have to have the injections at least.

Good luck to you too when treatment comes around

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