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Hi peeps.

I was told yesterday that I have hep c. I'm not sure which one or how bad it is but I have a feeling I've had it for a long time. My tummy is sore to the touch. I have a thousand questions and concerns and I'm affraid of tell anyone except a few family members. I have ins but have not met my deductible, will they help me get cured? My doc said there was a cure.

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Hi Becca,

When the shock of diagnosis hits, it is the lack of good info that can worry the most.

Firstly it is way beta to know, hep c hardly ever kills the diagnosed, it harms mainly thru ignorance, most of us like me have had hep c for decades and the innocent drinking with the mates, the long term painkillers the massive fry up type foods all these can harm and we don't know. The key is not so much curing the virus as making sure it does not affect the liver. 2 out of 3 people with hepatitis c grow old and die of old age, usually the ones who avoided obesity, alcohol and parking themselves on painkillers. Now its important to see that lots of help is coming that will stop hep c in its tracks. Firstly they need to find out all about your level of Hep c, they should do a liver scan, a full set of liver function tests and a Hepatitis c viral load and genotype test. Most americans got hep c from healthcare before 1993, but do not despair I had Hep c from 1979 to 2008 and am now fine. The doctors will study how well you are and then decide what is needed, don't think you are going to die or get really ill that tend to be an ER diagnosis. An 80% effective cure is on the market, but lets see if you need it. Email any results to gettestedforhepatitis@gmail.com. Finally do not start thinking you have infected people, hep c is a transfusion bug your blood to a wound, I rang everyone I have lived with and scared them all to death and not 1 infection. Best to learn about your hep c levels before you talk to people, but learn with the key family who love you. A sore tummy can be many things don't worry too much on that, if its located under the ribs on your right side and happens after food especially fried food, it would be expected and is the liver eating dinner so to speak, half of patients have this.


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When I get my results do I have to register at that email?


I have been in the Akins diet before I knew that I was sick and been eating allot of bac and eggs fried. Is this bad?


Fried foods Becca are not good for liver and should be avoided with hep c.

Red meat is high in iron, not good either

Sugar too not great as it feeds viruses

Do some research on line to find out what eating plan is best with hep c

Hope you get all the help,treatment, support and info you need to get well


Becca, I have recently too, been diagnosed with Hep C. I told the people who had to be told such as my ex-boyfriend, Mom and brother and two close friends. The reason why I said ex-boyfriend is because when I told him that he would have to get tested to make sure he does not have it, he freaked out and left me. Just changed his number and changed the locks on his house. All because I have Hep C. It hurt me, but then I realized that he was NOT meant for me and if he can't love me at my worse then he certainly can't have me at my best. He did get tested and he told a friend of his to tell me that he is negative for HEP C and HIV. I am also, negative or in the medical world, non-reactive for HIV.

I know people freak out because of HEP C. They think it is an contagious condition like smallpox. If they only knew they have more chance of catching a cold from someone then getting HEP C. I wonder if they only knew how many people they have come in contact with or shook hands with that has active HEP C or HIV? It would freak them out.

HEP C is not a death sentence these days. I am not sure how you inquired it, I am not even totally sure how I did. I have worked in healthcare for 20+ years and I am just wondering if it happened with one of my clients, who I didn't know they were HEP C active.

The doctor told me that I was not active at this time, which is a relief. I just have to get blood test done every so often to check my viral load. I am protecting myself and other people around me, but HEP C is your business and just remember you don't have to tell ANYONE you have it. If there is no reason for them to know then they don't have too. I am dating a guy right now and I have not told him because we are not at that stage where I feel comfortable talking about it to him, plus there is not reason to because we are not sexually active with each other yet. When we get to that point, then I will tell him and make sure that he wears a condom.

I have a sore tummy as well, but the doctor said that is from my gall bladder which is coming out on the 24th of this month. He said it is full of gall stones.

As far as the insurance, go to the American Liver Association website. They have a financial assistance tab and you can find orgs that will help out with medication and doctor appointments. If you belong to a church, ask the minister for assistance.

I am praying for you. I know the news was shocking. It was for all of us. I am glad we have this forum to help us communicate and be a support system. I looked in my area and there aren't any support groups. I am glad I have this one. My email is brandnewme627@gmail.com. Please feel free to email me anytime you want.


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