Effective but costly drug treatments on the way for hep C

Effective but costly drug treatments on the way for hep C

Recently we have covered the new wave of oral treatments potentially heading to the hep C treatment market. While they represent positive steps towards a cure for hep C, the financial cost of a treatment course may limit many people's access to new drugs.

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  • My Heptologist just resently used the new drugs on a transplant patient . Patients hep C attacked new liver they convinced drug company to allow them to use new treatment. After treatment patient was hep c clear . Said treatment looked promising much less side effects.Unfortunately I cannot have the new treatment either due to complications from the hepc. I am at stage 4 and hipatic cirrosis has hardened my liver to point in last ultra sound I have no liver left. When I found out 2 years ago I had hep c I only had cells which were not even measureable . Nothing they can really do for me but monitor for liver cancer. I use strictly holistic treatment even though doctors don't understand. Not their protocol he did tell me whatever I'm doing is keeping me going. Have a great day Love to All

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