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4 week post treatment

Morning you lovely lot 😊

So yesterday I went for my 4 week post treatment. Check up and everything’s still clear I asked if I would be getting another fibro at some point and was told no. So I asked why as with the treatment being so new shouldn’t we be getting checked!! She said we can discuss it again at the 3 month check up. My last fibro was normal then the nurse checked and told me my ultra sound results she said my liver was bright 🤣 (yes girl it’s full of fecking sunshine) 🤣🤣 I asked what that meant she said a slightly fatty liver. I was slightly annoyed that no one had bothered to tell me this before. I’m not worried she told me it can be reversed and with my resent life style changes and weight loss I was on the right path. Plus I have posh scales that tell me my visceral fat which is the fat around my organs. And that’s already dropped down by 1 in the last few weeks 💪 I also asked about getting the A & B jab and was told I would have to go to my GP for that. Funny I asked my GP in December and was told to see the hospital 🤣 So back to the GP this week! My point is don’t be fobbed off! And make sure to ask questions and get them to explain all your results in a way you can understand.

Anyways I’m off to the gym to burn those calories 🚴‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ hope you all have a fantastic weekend love and light Cathy ❤️💋

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Congrats...i had one 3 months post treatment and it gave a lower score..I'm hearing lots about the new treatments reversing damage so hopefully you'll get some food news!! I used to ask to be cc'd in all correspondence the sent to me gp which they mostly did but they needed reminding because it's just sooooooo much to take in! I'm yet to get my hep a & b jabs too, thanks for the reminder 😉x

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🌞🐞🦋🌳🦔🍃happy weekend to you too🙋🏻‍♂️


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