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Recently diagnosed with Geno type 3


Hello, recently been diagnosed with geno type 3

I dont know too much about what it all means.

Something count was 632,000

Fibro scan 4.3

ALT 48

and I forgot the rest...

Cant get treatment in my area until the next tax year as NHS Highland they dont have enough money to pay for my treatment.

So mean time what can I do myself

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Hi pal and welcome on here I’ve not long finished treatment and had no problem with it ,firstly your 3 a genome is a good start as it responds well to the milder treatments about 98% of the time some people with genome 1a have a rougher ride of it your 632.000 viral load is also promising as it means at the moment it’s not too aggressive mine was 2 million and that was over 25+ years,drinking alcohol changes things as obviously your liver is damaged from it causing separate issues not sure about fibro scan result but someone will come along who knows,as I had ultrasound scan and had minimal scarring so no need for fibro, good luck.

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Hi thanks that puts my mind to rest quite a bit. I was a heavy drinker for many years nut quit 19 months ago.

Thanks for taking time to answer my post.

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Well done with your alcohol,and the treatment prices are coming down in price daily,and I think the whole of the uk is now looking to put people on rapid access to treatment,hopefully your local trust might find the funding from somewhere,keep banging the drum.

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Massive achievement knocking booze into oblivion. Well done. I too drank heavily for 20 years. I went to AA and they taught me alot and am missing it again and thinking of going back.

Ps your liver function number on google alt 48 I don’t think it is much cause for concern,working fine,avoid alcohol which you have loads of vit c and be kind to yourself 👍

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I be careful with Vit C as it helps your body absorb Iron. Iron Taking more iron than recommended can cause serious liver damage. This is because the body has no way of eliminating excess iron, so it accumulates in the organs and tissues

Hi . Don't worry your viral count is quite low. Mine was also in the millions like Alan.

I waited from 2007 until end of 2016 for treatment - partly because nhs England wouldn't pay ( cos I wasn't ill enough!) and partly because new drugs were being trialed. In the meantime, they will monitor you carefully. Hang in there, next financial year isn't far away.


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Hi thanks for time time to answer my post. Yes they are putting me on Maverit I think it is called works for all geno types and it a 8 week thing hopefully.

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Hi skotten 🙋 I was diagnosed same genotype but with viral load in the millions. ALT in the 200s for 11 yrs and higher fibroscan score. brilliant news that it's only 4.3 anything under 6 is brilliant, basically no damage. Normal to not have treatment immediately with these figures. So that's great. I took maviret for 8 weeks and as a girl at 6 stone have no complaints. Mild side effects most people experience none. Yes, keep off the alcohol, eat a normal healthy balanced diet and usual exercise. There is no special diet needed. Hep c trust org online has latest information and a call line. brilliant as run by hepc sufferers past and present. Is your next tax year April 6th? as rest of UK. Not too far away ☺Best wishes, 😍😍

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Thank you I feel much better already. I have to say its all a wee bit scary when you dont really know what is what. Yes it is in April.

I am going for the ultra sound on Friday, new bloods the meet then hepatologist on Wednesday next week. I weight 11.5 stone and have a BMI of 24.5 so I am fit and healthy.

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I'm on maviret justnow, day 21/22 . I think I have the flu and that's what's making me ill not the maviret because I'm coughing and sneezing and sweating buckets. Good luck with your treatment xxx

All sounds good for a smooth ride and a big fat cure for you ☺glad you have ongoing appointments. Nothing worse than feeling left waiting and in the dark. I was terrified to put it mildly as I had no idea about hepatitis, very quickly I educated myself and had to accept it so like yourself wanted to do everything I could to keep healthy. The worst part in my experience was waiting for the medication after the last hospital appointment so I bent the ears of the members on here. They saved my sanity and kept me going 😂 hope I can do the same. Trying to keep busy, distracted helps with the passing of the wait 😍😍

Good fibroscan reading! Well done. Taking vit c is beneficial when you don't take iron supplements or eat large quantities of red meat. I took loads of vit c for years with my hep and I was a chronic alcoholic for 20, not now though! Im on 18 day of maviret! Good luck 😊

Hi Scotten , I've just started my treatment of mavaret, this is my second day and all is well so far, also diagnosed wi fibrosis, was heavy drinker (alcoholic) , got conned into going to AA by a good person and never looked back!! Was off drink for good20 yrs before went to doc wi tiredness,then found hepc and fibrosis. Think you're going to be fine 👌once you get your head round it and get meds .help yourself by taking things a day at a time, it's hard when you are going to have to wait for meds, I was doing ma own head in, but you're on a good site here, so good luck and welcome 🖖🌈🙏

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Hi thanks Suzi! I am also a member of the fellowship best thing I ever did. Sorry to hear about your condition but as they say.. One day at a time!!

I am glad you are on treatment now I wish you all the best in your recovery!!

Thanks a lot, and the best thing is , everyone here is a blessing, always on hand if you need to off load. If they can be a pal, or of assistance they will, take care, hoping you don't have to wait too long for your treatment.🌈🖖🙏

Hey Scotten, your Fibro scans normal and ALT Is ok when mine was under 70 the doctor would not even refer me back to the Liver clinic said it had to be over 75. Your viral load is not high either so try not to worry too much.Take good care of yourself. Eat healthy etc.

I have just finished my last dose of Maviret I already know it’s worked my viral load had dropped after just 2 weeks from over 8 million to 10😱

Best wishes and fingers crossed you can get access to treatment ASAP x

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