First time here I started treatment with ribavirin,dasabuvir and viekirax it’s been a month . I have never been so sick in all my life I’m feel I am walking in the valley of death my dr says I will get used to this and will feel better but I think it’s thrown me into liver failure. I am very great full for the treatment but I have been off work for a month I am supposed to go back next week but feel I cannot dr said side effects would be mild NOT FOR ME . Is anyone else having problems I have cut out all alcohol

I would appreciate any info thanks

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  • Welcome l.sorry don't know much about your treatment regimen but am sure you'll come out of the other end in 1 piece 😊🙏keep plodding on hope you. Keep us informed there's some good people on here we have all come out of the black hole good luck...alan

  • Thank you Alan

  • I am still waiting for treatment but am aware that your combo makes people feel exactly as you say, hep c chat is good, exact case as yourself. Although it's so tough better to be treated. I would rather feel sick with treatment than sick without which is where I've been for months. I only say this to hopefully make you feel better ☺ despite your horrendous symptoms 😷😷😷I hope you start feeling somewhat better as time goes on

    best wishes x

  • Thank you so very much I felt well before treatment a little tired I see the consultant tomorrow if it’s working I will stick with it but it has made me so much worse . Thanks for being so kind

  • Don't suffer on your own...🙏

  • I could cry at the kindness shown here

  • Me too, and don't hold back, I have balled and balled,it does work, for all the shitty feelings we have it has helped so let the tears flow, hope it works for you, the kindness can be a little overwhelming at first but at least we are here for eachother. good luck fingers crossed for you.

  • No worries, I know too well what feeling like death is like. FOR REAL, and I feel for anybody as sick and suffering. yes member I chat to is experiencing exactly the same on same meds combo, but it is working so I hope you both get through. your meds sound rough


  • I have cleared the virus now after 25 years I was so desperate also..take care both of you..alan

  • Thanks I’m not a quitter but at this point I feel I am dying

  • you can do it.....😊

  • Me too, use those feelings to soldier on,you can do this, how do I know...I'm doing it with you, don't give up, you will make it.

  • Not long now pal ,good luck..alan

  • Ta

  • Try and have a good sleep

  • Lol that’s one of the worst things not being able to sleep thanks for your help

  • Dig deep and hang in there...

  • I thought my time was up 3 days ago copd had a bad lung infection ,but I am back again now the body will try and fight..

  • Lisa gerrard elegy song on you tube will get you through tough timesx

  • Yes you are right I look forward to finding out what the blood tests say due for some tests today thank you

    What about cannabis for nausea and sleeplessness . I have seen it work on chemo patients since 1985

    which is demonised by its illegality.

  • Hope it went well..alan

  • I have Lisa Gerrard on CD, thats mad. She's one of my favourites! 😀

  • 😊you know what they say takes one to know one,that song always calms my breathing down when I'm having a meltdown the gladiator medley too.xalan

  • Good to see you trying to lift the spirits of others in troubled times it can get very dark when your lonely for too long ,and there's no one to talk to ...alanx

  • I helps to speak to people in the same boat as yourself we are all trying to help each other I don't like seeing posts like yours and last nights desperate one .we just need to offload at times😊Have a good weekend..alan

  • Oh I am truly sorry, I didn't intend for any upsets, apologies. Hoping you have a good weekend too

  • No upsets sorry if it soundslike that you take care good to see your eating some t😊Sounds good over an open 🔥

  • I hope you feel better soon

  • I hope you do too, just cooked and eaten my dinner over an open fire, cozeeeeeey! I hope you find some distraction to get you through the weekend. I feel baaaad today, I have my waterfall head symptoms 😲😲😲

  • I hope your head feels better what do you mean waterfall head? It’s amazing how you can bare the discomfort one minute then feel so sick the next this treatment is kicking my A~ but I’m a Taurus so giving up is not me thing I hope it gets better over time be well

  • Hi, hope you're ok, inside my head both sides feels like water running down. scares me senseless, thought about chasing liver nurse as she said I wouldnt have to wait for meds, but that was 2 wks ago. I eat constantly even if I have nausea, I weigh 6 st so don't want to lose weight. I can't really bear any of the symptoms but I can't see I have a choice so I choose to ignore as much as possible. I tell myself this time next year there will be something or somebody to stress about 😊

    Best wishes x

  • That's the spirit..🙏Alan

  • Hi darlin. Im due to start treatment on the 23rd this month- dreading it but the support you can access from this site is amazing and although I am still concerned how treatment will effect my daily life, the words of encouragement have made me realise it's a price worth paying. My thoughts are with you, hang in there and remember - you are not alone.

  • Hi Taania I am not sure which regime u will have I never take tablets I’m a light weight so for me it’s been difficult I had all side effects x 10 please let me know how you get on the first 4 days were ok then boom so I have been off work so give your self time and rest drink tons of water be patient

    I wish you well keep in touch

  • I will most def keep you updated. This forum has become part of my daily routine -just sooo much empathy out there I couldn't do without it now. We're all here for each other. Love and peace 🌞

  • Team hep c........😊

  • Hi sorry to hear you have been unwell with treatment. I went through treatment in 2009 and was sick everyday, however it is worth it to be free of this horrible condition. Cut out all alcohol if you can. There is light at the end of the tunnel you are not alone. Take care

  • Haven’t had any alcohol sick is a polite way to describe this how long after you finished treatment did you feel better thanks for writing😁

  • I felt better within a few days. It is a tough treatment hope your family and doctors supporting you. I contracted my illness through a blood transfusion when I had my daughter in1978. All those years I had it and didn’t know. I was gutted but made a promise to fight it . I got tabs to help with sickness it helped a bit. Stay strong

  • Thanks Billie I didn’t know I had it either found out pre screen for a job x husband had it did you have itching

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