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How old were you when you had your hysterectomy? (comment below to share your story)

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I was 36yrs old, when I was told I had cancerous cells found in my uterus, and vulva, and had spreadinto my womb, I was given 6-9months to live before my body would have been riddled with cancer and I would die. In those days my husband was asked to sign the form to give his concent for the hospital to operate, he declined and I forged his signature.

When my first son was born in 1984, I was told not to have anymore children but wasn't told why, although I asked. Shortly after my son was born I was taken down to a theatre and had cancerous cells burned away from my womb. The smell was horible, the Dr then had drawn diragrams to show me how big these cancerous cells were, and removing them was to prolong my life. (This all happened in England)

I had two more children after this, after my second child who was born in Laganvalley hospital I was told again not to have anymore children, again not told why. Last child was born in 1989 in Craigavon Area Hospital. After the birth of my last son I bled continuously when I had my first period after my body settled down after the birth of 3rd child. It wasn't till after 8yrs that I was examined again, and they found more growths and cancerous cells growing That I was offered a hysterectomy and only keeping my ovaries, and that's when my husband wouldn't sign the form.

Its astounding how the hospitals gave you such advice but didnt explain we are too megre to understand their medical jargon, in hind sight you should have been offered a hysterectomy by the 1st Hospital when they found cancer. They played Russian Roulette with your life. So glad you had your children and got through this.

The whole husband signing of forms thing, I am glad thats redundant. Why on earth did your hubby refuse to sign? Was he afraid he would lose you on the operating table.

You did right to forge his signiture.

I hope you are living a good life now..

And you are pain free.

Helly x

Glad you’re here to tell your story

Diagnosis uterine cancer. just after I turned 59. Got s second opinion that saved my life. TLH BSO finally feeling energetic. Year later. Moods not 100 percent. Fear of another cancer and genetic testing in a month for Lynch Syndrome

I was 46 when the doctors (3 opinions) told me I had to settle for Hysterectomy to stop the uterine bleeding I had had for some good amount of years running and being anaemic every now and then. Not forgetting frequent bouts of infection. Never-ending use of antibiotics, blood boosters, and worst of all,,,,,pads and pieces of cloth!!! I know you wondering why cloth. It acted as the base for the pad. It was flowing like a river with clots. And to avoid soiling my clothes, I had to cut my "Kangas" into pieces. A kanga is an African wrapround made of light cotton material worn mostly by the coastal people. For years, since I was in my 20s. Everything had to be taken out. I got a history of cancer♋ in the family. The doctor had to exercise lots of caution.

Here I am after along journey. Thought I'd have a baby girl 😏😉😏😍 in my 40s but that's a story we will tell in heaven I guess.😂😂😂😂.

Ladies, be good to yourself.

Love yourself.

Listen to your body.

It's always talking to you. Always





After testing the specimen, this was the diagnosis:

1. Submucosal Leiomyoma of the uterus

2. Cervicitis

3. Salpingitis


40 after a miscarriage I was having my tubes tied through my belly button and they found a huge fibroid under my Uterus. It never showed up on any test. It was hiding as the cause of miscarriages. So they vaginally took my uterus.