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Happy Friday folks! I hope all of you are well, staying safe and taking the necessary precautions during this pandemic/uncertain times! It really has been a different, difficult year; with ups and downs, good and bad, joy and pain, losses and wins, happiness and sadness.

However, we continue to persevere! Every day we wake up we can choose to interpret our circumstances! We can focus on the negative or see the positive in every situation!! I can not dance like I used to, but I still dance; sometimes holding on to my wheelchair!😘

Life is too short to focus on the negative! My children always remind me that someone is worse off than I am. “That I don’t get to complain”. “I don’t get to quit!” “They say put on your big girl panties and live Mother!” So I fight hard.

Yesterday, I watched an episode of a young cheerleader who had both legs amputated bc of a car accident. She’s 17 yrs old! I was a high school cheerleader. She is still cheering from her wheelchair! Amazing! She gave me hope and motivation!

I am 55, diagnosed at 49, still have both legs, foot drop, walk with a cane, walker, and sometimes in my wheelchair! I choose to make lemonade with my lemons; interpreting my circumstances! May God continue to keep all of you safe! Continued blessings and Happy Thanksgiving! We all have something to be thankful for!🥰🥰🥰🥰