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Do you follow Headway on any of these social networks?

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I can use FB - haven’t yet mastered the others

Facebook is fine, all the others are a pain to use, difficult etc.

We don't use any of those, but don't seem to be able to register a vote for none? I tried leaving all blank but the number of voters didn't change.

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That's a very good point JonT! We've added 'None' as an option.

I do not follow any of them


I use Facebook for the National Headway & my local Headway,

Birmingham & Solihull which I attend & Twitter!


You need to add a button for members who don't use any social media. We can't register our vote otherwise.

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Thanks Elenor, you're right - we've added 'None' as an option now.

Did not know we could!

Headway on Facebook is great - so easy to use

I don't have any of those.

I didn't know you could follow on pintrest xx

None of the above!

I follow them on facebook and Instagram.

I use facebook all the time but hardly use Instagram.

Don’t use any other networks.

I don't use any of those platforms for many, many reasons.

Given a choice I would prefer Headway to publish an electronic newsletter preferably by email or posting a link on one of the other channels.

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Hi sospan,

We have a monthly email newsletter called Headway News Bitesize, which you can sign up to using the form on this page:

It includes all our latest news and updates.

We're thinking of posting it on this forum too, to make sure our followers are kept up-to-date with things, so watch this space!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for adding the extra button :)

Just my email

And then link to relevant posts

I only 'follow' Headway, on here, or by Direct Contact with Staff- who phone me weekly.

I do NOT, in actual fact, use this Social Media much. I have a 'Presence' on Face Book, Pinterest, Twitter and maybe another- mainly so people can Send me 'Links', to articles and so on. I'm not, to be honest, interested in what some 'Celebrity'- who I've Never Heard Of- had for breakfast.....

I don't WATCH the 'Soaps'.... I do however WASH with 'Soaps'😊. I Do spend Time On Line, a fair bit of it, on these pages. I am, at the moment, increasingly Buying 'things' On Line too. A New Razor, Toothbrush, Slippers and today Groceries- being Delivered tomorrow afternoon. It IS always worth a 'Snoop' on eBay, where I got my Razor- an 'unknown' Chinese make, floating heads the 'lot'.... all for a 'Song'.

I also have a Very comprehensive DVD Collection and, a number of, books- yes 'real' PRINTED Books, some Interesting ones too. I have a Very Comprehensive account, of the Major Battles- fully illustrated- originally about £30, which I Picked Up- along with two other books- for around £5.

Odd 'Bits' of Maintenance, my clock and shower most recently, keep out of too much 'trouble'...….

So, to recap your original question, No I Don't- but thanks for asking.


I used to use some social media, including Facebook, before my ABI, but I can't manage any of that stuff now. It's aggravating because such a lot of stuff is only on Facebook and Twitter, especially local stuff and special interest groups, but I get cognitive overload very quickly and there's too much stuff incoming on social media. I only just manage emails and Healthunlocked.