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Fibro and power chair

Hi all I have a question if anyone can answer. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, a lot of bone and joint pain (in my whole body) we are planning on going on a vacation an I told my Dr I can walk around but not for an hour and asked if it would be OK if I bought a power chair for my just for when I really can't walk! To my surprise he said NO, I said what should I do when we are on vacation an I walk the first day an push my self to do things an can't walk the next day he said stay in bed! I said wouldn't it be better to use a chair when I really need it an get out than being in the house all day an his only reply was your to young to start using a power chair I said well I already have been using them when we go out places that have them available (just when I really need it) he again said NO! Now I'm asking you all does what I'm saying make sense or just stay in like the Dr says? I know if I will have to push my self to do things an walk the first day (just the car ride is going to be a lot of pain for me ( the drive will be 3hours) (we are going to tnn to Dollywood every day we are there we will be there 4 days) I don't want to rune vacation for my family an they don't want to go do anything without me what do I do??

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Hope you are doing well. Personally I think its your choice. We all know our limitations and understand our bodies better than our doctors. Your doctor is worried that you may become reliant on a power chair and because you are young doesnt want this for you. Also because of exercise. But your doctor does not have your condition, and feel the symtoms and pain. He is only judging by what he has learnt not through experiencing the condition and affects. I worked this out through my own problems with my doctors. You do what feels right for you hun. Like you said you have used them before, just try not to become too reliant. I know i have considered getting a mobility scooter and im only 36 😄,against drs advice but its my choice and not hers, its my life and my pain so know how you feel. Hope it works out hun 😙

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I was told to use my muscles or lose muscle tone, where they atrophy, that said like you it mean a shed load of pain when sight seeing. Now I use a chair when I absolutely need to and walk when I am able. It about enjoyment and quality of life , if you feel you need to use a chair for you to enjoy more of your holiday get one. I would. Gentle hugs.

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Hi , sorry it's so long after you asked to me posting! But been in the throws of the dreaded flare up.....

I think it depends the doctor you see! I thought about it but I use a walking frame just now that I have pimped up to suit me ,my own that I bought,it's 4 wheel and really does help with the walking and I'm still using my muscles. When I asked about the power chair as I can't put weight onto feet some days my doctor said yes if it helps you,but you must do some kind of exercise to keep muscles going!!!! Swimming first thing in the morning when there are no kids about is good, I don't really swim just walk up and down and look forward to hot tub after. If you can't walk you can't and no amount of torturing you're self is going to help...that's only my opinion,but as someone already said its your choice...if you do use it just make sure you keep your muscles exercised

Guccigirl x