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Hi Guys, i have just signed up to this and this is my first post. story goes....... diagnosed at 22 years old (now 25) recently had a baby girl and finding it so hard to look after her as i am in agony and so exhausted with the pain. I feel terrible i can't give my baby the full care she needs from me. It has recently got so bad that my doctor has put me on anti-depressants because my mood is so low. I hate that this illness is invisible as it causes so much stress and pain in your life but no one can see it. Sometimes i think that people don't believe me when i am in so much pain and almost in tears because of it. I am so scared that i am going to drop my baby when i pick her up as i get it worse in my neck, shoulders and arms. It has recently started to effect my hips and legs. 2 years ago i was let go from my job as i was so exhausted all the time i couldn't stay awake and i was in a job that required my full attention as i was working with vulnerable children throughout the night. I had never heard of fibro before my physio told me that i had it and then my doctor also told me about it and said i had all the symptoms of it. I never knew it could be this bad.

Thanks for reading guys


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Thanks for sharing 


I get the neck shoulder arm pain,its total agony,my wee 10yr old daughter can now very seldom lean on me because it hurts so badly i feel awful for having to ask her not to.