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Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis

Hi all I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in lower back and in feet! Dr wants me to loose weight (like 70lbs or a little more) does anyone know of anything I can do, I have to go back and see him the week after Christmas!and need to have lost something!Things I can't do set a lot, stand longer than 10-20 minutes (that's cooking), pick up anything over 30lbs, can't bend over to pick anything up off floor, no twisting of lower back, nothing bent over, no kind of sit-ups,can't walk a lot no more than 30 minutes in a store, no stretching! Any time I have tried any of this or walking too much it slips the lower disk out and I'm in the er getting shots! I know I can't take diet pills because of all the meds I'm on and everything. Dr just told me to eat right and no coke!! Tried that the month before I seen him and I had gained 10lbs! Half the meds I'm on says weight gain as a side effect!! I'm at a loss and have no idea how to loose weight especially at thanksgiving and Christmas (that's when everyone gains weight) lol!

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You could try to eat healthy 3days out of the week maybe?