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Can I have a little rant?

I have found this site today and I'm so relieved. I'm sat here thinking of all the annoying things about FM (had a total meltdown at GPs today) sorry to mown and complain but these things annoy me -

Being asked to go out and having to consider whether I'll have enough energy.

Being hugged or cuddled by my husband, son and friends and thinking....please get off me because it really really hurts!!

Being pricked by non existent hot needles all the time.

Waking up some mornings and I can't even speak properly

Having such an active mind, full of creativity and I never have the energy to fulfil most of my thoughts

Losing things all the time

Trying to explain how I feel and getting a blank stare back

Having sore fingers

Buzzing sensations, numbness, hot patches, itching and restless legs

I'm 41 and feel like I'm climbing a mountain every single tired day

Aaaaaagggghhhhhh..........that feels better ☺️


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Hi Rachel, sorry I didn't see your post till now.

I know how you feel, I have a back condition on top of fibromyalgia and everyone tries to hug me real tight then pat my back. I spend a lot of time avoiding people who try to hug me lol.

You sound like your having the same frustrations as most fibro sufferers I have met, have you had the chance to meet any other fibro sufferers or join any support groups?

It is a nice feeling when you start talking and finally someone understands exactly what your saying for the first time :-)

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