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anxieties about school

My adopted son who has full blown FASD is really struggling with school now year 6 his new teacher hasnt got a clue about J's needs CNS problems and sensory processing difficulties, causing great anxiety attacks for J some days he doesnt make it in cause he is so worked up, has become very withdrawn, has anybody please have any suggestions as school really dont want to know about FASD, despite numerous effortsand taking info in and strateigies which do help H at home, does anybody elses child have anxiety attacks, as I am strugglin how best to help him it might end that just doesnt go in or part time.

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Drop an e-mail through to The FASD Trust - they have an education advice line now and are about to launch a whole Education Forum. Send the e-mail to


PS - have you taken in a copy of their teachers leaflet? It is called,"FASD - A Guide for Teachers."


Copy now sent in there reply I will copy it and put in his file, gave it me back and said they have enough info and didnt want any more, if they have the info on fasd why dont they implement strateiies mentioned on teachers leaflet and then perhaps there wouldnt be so many "problems" "issues" to deal with.

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