APP to help tell your kids about FASD - on sale NOW

Research show that those with FASD who does best as adults are those who know and own their own disability. This then provokes the question from parents how do I tell my kids and how do I explain it to their friends / classmates? This mobile App (android version) is the first in a series of apps to help parents talk to their kids. This App is aimed at younger children / those with more significant learning difficulties and is a talking book. It also contains parents notes. Why not purchase your copy today??

5 Replies

  • I dont have an android phone or iphone is there another way to access this app.


  • This looks like a great tool to use. When will there be a version for iPhone?

  • Iphone version is coming soon,

  • Version for I phone has just been sent to Apple for approval and we will let you know soon.

  • Just purchased this on the AppStore.......

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