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Looking for a local group

Is there a group in Redhill or Croydon area? Thank you


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Hi Tracey,

If you drive or can catch a train.. this is around 45 miles from you and the nearest one to me too ☺

There is a FASD awareness group that runs once a month in Rainham,Kent. They usually have a guest speaker once a month(unfortunately last month's had to cancel due to snow but will be putting back on, which is good for me as it was a senco and lac speaker ). It's a fairly new (couple of years) charity set up by experienced foster and adoptive parents who realised the lack of awareness and groups. They are friendly and free to join, that do other events too and meet ups too.

They are on Facebook and Google their webpage to join, if that helps, ojzj


Sorry forgot to say if you type in Google

Fasd awareness it will come up with their webpage fasd awareness kent and Medway 😊