Hello everyone, I've recently had big trouble with my FASD daughter (aged 10) claiming first that my Aspergers son (12) had 'touched' her, and a few days later that her mother - who doesn't live with us, and whom she only sees irregularly - had shown her disturbing images on a mobile phone.  Both of these have proved to be false and she has confessed that neither actually happened.  I'm concerned because this seems to becoming more common in her.

Has anyone else had this type of confabulation?


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  • David 

               Yes we have! So much so that our adopted son told a whopper in school , subsequently we was investigated by social services. Fasd children find it very hard to tell fact from fiction, due to the very nature of their medical condition. We have what we call the truth table, a laminated card saying truth table is placed on the table then we would ask him to place his hand on the table, whilst we ask. Frustrating, yes but after a while he tells the truth! 

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks for that Dave, I'll give the Truth Table a go.


  • David I have a document from Canada with suggestions that might help, please drop me a line 

  • Hiya Dave, yes, I'd appreciate anything that you my have on this - my email is


  • Try chapter 13 of this book - bit of useful suggestions in there about the wider context

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