The FASD Trust

Support in Schools: teacher training

To support parents by giving training to teachers about what FASD is, how it impacts on learning and strategies for teaching and classroom management. To get more details or book a place, email

Upcoming dates and venues:

31 January in Ashford, Kent

7 February in Liverpool

12 February in Southampton

31 March in Norfolk

13 May in Cardiff

4 November in Nottingham

11 November in Coventry

19 November in Sheffield

Cost is £75 per person. Parents also welcome to attend

1 Reply

Wish I could persuade someone from my daughter's school to attend. Everyone is "far too busy", even though I've offered my services as a free TA for the day. Sigh. They're not really that interested in learning about the condition. I've supplied information, booklets, your lovely app. What next?


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