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I posted a few weeks ago about my period being over 2 weeks late, it came on and I was quite light for about a week and feeling really sick and having cramps, I recently done 2 home pregnancy tests in which one of them didn’t work and the other came back negative, I smoke and recently when I’ve been smoking I’ve been having pains in my belly and feeling really sick when I’ve been having them and I’ve been really tired all the time, my belly feels really bloated and really hurts and I have to sit up straight to stop it from hurting as much, I can’t do much such as walking without getting tired and I can’t bend down much without my belly hurting, I’ve been pregnant before which resulted in a miscarriage which really affected me and my boyfriend and I’ve noticed I am feeling the same as I did when I was last pregnant, what should I do??

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I know you've probably figured it out already but still, I'll mention whatever I know about the HPTs failing. If the symptoms you're having indicate pregnancy and there's no AF for a long long time it's best you get a blood HCG test done. Sometimes it so happens that your HCG does not metabolise in your urine and your pregnancy cannot be detected with the home pregnancy test. Hope you get a BFP, sending luck! :)