50+ old couple - are we too late

Heya youngsters. We're a couple of oldies here. My first husband died in a car accident and I had to take care of my 2 children. Working 2 shifts to cover their education, health insurance and what not. I met the right guy after I saw them off to college. Alas! It is too late to think of raising another family. Or is it? We still want to have the bliss of parenthood. Want to raise a child together. We did try the conventional way, funny story for some other day. Now we've stopped fooling overselves though. I saw this forum and looks like we can get some advice here. Do share your experiences or advice. I'll keep posting on whatever I can come across. See ya!

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  • How sweet Vasilica_rom. Its such a lovely thought. Please go ahead and have a blissfull parenting. Cheers

  • Hi Vasilica_rom, I totally understand you. I'm in a similar situation. I'm 47 and would love to have another child. Have you looked into other options? Nowadays there are many possibilities. I'm doing some research about surrogacy, IVF and other treatments, like egg donation. This forum seems great to get advice from other women.

    Although I haven't been diagnosed with infertility yet (doing some check-ups this week), I'm concerned about my age. But I don't think it's late. Parenthood is definitely a bliss and if we still have a chance to do it, we should give it a try!

  • Wow Vasilica that's great news. No you're not late at all. And I must admire your spirit. Parenthood is the best feeling in the world. Late pregnancy, however, is a tricky business. I'm sure you'd agree. I have a few friends who had a similar dilemma. Thankfully I had mentored a friend who took help of alternatives. I guided them with the information I had. They're now happy that they didn't take chance with conception. At your age, time is of essence. The more we wait, the more we lose. I can share more information with you if you're still around. Have you consulted with your doctor? Got tests done? Do write back, I'd be happy to help.

  • So much depends on your finances and on your health. If you have not passed through menopause then it is just possible that you can conceive naturally [the "fun" way]. Otherwise it is the medical way [IVF] and so on and this will be expensive. Many countries [UK included] will probably not treat you.