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Are babies really this expensive?


Firstly, I am not currently a parent nor am I TTC, but my partner and I are looking at TTC in the near future, so we've tried to make a loose budget to see how much baby's first year would realistically cost. I started off (now naively) saying I reckon we could do it with £500 of stuff before baby is born, and £500 of ongoing costs such as nappies. However, once we've actually added up everything people have told us is essential, it's come to £2800?!?!?! How on earth can people afford that? I feel like we've gone very low end of the budget as well with most of the things we've priced coming from ASDA's website so very much budget items. Is it really going to cost around £3k for one year? That seems bonkers to me! I am leaning towards formula feeding which is why I haven't accounted for breast pumps etc.

Here is the budget we made:



- 5 vests size newborn£5

- 5 vests size 0-3 months£5

- 5 vests size 3-6 months£5

- 5 vests size 6-9 months£5

- 5 vests size 9-12 months£5

- 6 sleepsuits size newborn£15

- 6 sleepsuits size 0-3 months£15

- 6 sleepsuits size 3-6 months£15

- 3 sleepsuits size 6-9 months£10

- 3 sleepsuits size 9-12 months£10

- 6 t shirts size 6-9 months£10

- 6 t shirts size 9-12 months£10

- 3 pairs trousers size 6-9 months£10

- 3 pairs trousers size 9-12 months£10

- 2 jumpers size 0-3 months£10

- 2 jumpers size 3-6 months£10

- 2 jumpers size 6-9 months£10

- 2 jumpers size 9-12 months£10

- 2 warm hats suitable for newborn£5

- 1 sunhat suitable for summer£5

- 6 pairs socks (6-12 months)£5



- 2 cellular blankets£10

- 2 sleeping bags size 0-6 months£30

- 2 sleeping bags size 6-12 months£30

- 2 swaddle wraps£25

- 1 cot£0

as we are being given one by parents for free

- 1 cot mattress£150

- 2 cot mattress protectors£15

- 4 cot sheets£15

- 1 chest of drawers£150

- 1 full size changing mat£5

- 1 night light£5

- 1 baby monitor£120



- 1 changing bag£30

- 1 portable changing mat£0

- 1 car seat£130

- 1 car seat base£100

- 1 pushchair£150

- 1 baby carrier / baby wrap£40

- 2 hooded towels £10

- 1 bath support £25



- 6 bottles with teats£10

- 1 bottle brush£3

- 1 steriliser£25

- 2 bottle insulation bags£12



- 1 thermometer£10

- 1 baby swing (naps during the day)£40

- 1 playgym£20

Ongoing costs£1,510


- Nappies, wipes, formula£1,250

- Misc. costs for odd bits£260

Grand total - £2860

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It is expensive I guess I never laid it all down like that. You don’t need an expensive changing bag for one saving.

Also I’d say buy one sleeping bag and do it a bit later on whilst baby is in your room blankets will be fine.

Go for cardigans rather than jumpers they will last longer age wise.

Breast feeding will save you a lot too, also those bottles don’t last forever you’ll need new ones and new teats.

I’d not bother with a baby swing either to be honest I’d just use the cot. I never had swaddle wraps either you can achieve the same affect with the cellular blankets just google how.

I had specific baby towels wasn’t really useful ended up just using normal ones.

Nappies from Aldi’s are the best till at least 6 months old and really cheap they also do disposable changing mats that last for ages.

Baby monitors don’t have to be that expensive many people just have a sound one and I’d not camera.

Clothes from primark are a bit cheaper than you’ve put down and also I hate to say this but there is probably not enough there babies are way messier than you can imagine my son could go through 3 sleep suits in a few hours :-/.

Also you don’t mention a crib or Moses basket you’ll need one for baby before he/she is ready for cot.

Second hand things can be great too!

The truth is no one can really afford a baby unless they’re loaded! You can’t plan it all out like this there will always be unexpected costs.

I hope that helps a little.