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Extra Little Care for Your Baby’s Hair

Extra Little Care for Your Baby’s Hair

When a baby is born, then he does not have any hair on his head. As he grown up then the growth of hairs begin. Baby hair is generally very soft so they require extra care then the adult one. Mostly mothers are often unaware about the hair care of their child that leads to bad hair growth of baby in future.

As your baby is too little and not able to close his eyes tightly during bath so you need to take foamy hair shampoo for your baby that will not affect your baby’s tiny eyes. When your baby is young then there is no need to wash the hairs daily because generally new born babies stay at home so their hairs are not really dirty. Just wash their hairs twice a week. Don’t forget to rub olive oil on the scalp after applying shampoo. This helps to moisten the skin and remove dryness.

When you notice dandruff on the scalp of your infant then must do extra little care. Instead of washing hair twice a week start wash the hair three times in week. Always buy a good baby shampoo for washing the hairs as they are completely different from the adult shampoo. Adult shampoo contains detergents and other chemicals that might be harmful for your child scalp. Use some soft shampoo like Sebamed Baby Shampoo. Sebamed children's shampoo washes extremely sensitive or dry scalp condition of your baby. Its no-tears formula cleanses the fine hair and delicate scalp of babies and minimizes the risk of dryness or irritation.

Always purchase baby products by a trustworthy store. And check their quality too because it is the question of your child care and there should be no compromise in it. You can also purchase baby products from Fortis Healthworld. It is a complete store of baby products and many things.

Baby scalp is very soft and sensitive. So always use a soft brush while combing delicate hair of your baby. Also you can use your fingers to open the tangles. It will give less pain and more comfort to your baby.

Sometimes you suffer with the problem when your baby has no hair so in this case you need to shampoo twice a week to avoid cradle cap and hats are must to protect baby’s head from the sun. Some babies have beautiful thick and curly hair. They need conditioner to avoid roughness from hair so apply baby oil after shampooing once a week if hair is very dry and comb the hair gently from roots to scalp before rinsing conditioner out.

In case of cold weather avoid pouring water over your baby’s head. You just need a damp washcloth and wipe the shampoo away.

These are the general ways by which you can take care of your baby’s hair.

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