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Breast or Bottle what will it be ?

For a long time know I've dreamed of becoming a midwife, I've sent off my application and I am awaiting responses. As part of my Extended Project Qualification through my A-Levels I am researching into influencing factors for parents on their choice of feeding method for their infant. I'm interested in the main reasons for your choice, as a mother, father or support figure, to breast or formula feed.

Your comments will be incredibly helpful.

Thank you

Izzi x

(if you do not wish to share online but are interested in giving me your point of view please email:

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Hi Izzi - good luck with your application to become a midwife - what an amazing vocation and honour to support women at such a pivotal time in their lives, through pregnancy, birth and becoming a mum. In answer to your question I chose to breastfeed my 3 babies but each one was very different. All my babies were born premature with IUGR and so breastmilk was highly recommended for their immature tummies. My first was born at 36 weeks and spent 2 weeks in NICU, she was great at latching on but was supplemented with donor milk and premmie formula. The other 2 were also premmies and I breastfed them but had big problems with my son...he had a bad latch and I developed cellulitis and mastitis and ductile thrush and was very ill. I had to mixed feed him for a bit but after a lot of pain and desperation I fed him on one side for the next 12 months. My youngest was a better feeder but also had to supplement her in hospital as she was born premmature and it took a wee while for my milk production to be enough for her but again after a tough start we managed to get going breastfeeding. I think this is why we created our breastfeeding video course as I remember how desperate I was for help in those dark days when breastfeeding was so painful and I was worried that my underweight babies weren't getting enough milk. Hope that helps.


Izzi I will email you wiv reply. Also I am qualified Careers Adviser & used to work with BTEC & Access to HE students who were wanting to join uni Nursing & Midwifery courses - I work for Royal Holloway Uni now, but I have a lot of experience in how to sell yourself to universities for midwifery degrees, the interview process & the NHS bursary applications system. Will msg you.


Hello, I am currently an Access to HE student wanting to apply for midwifery. Would you be able to send me your advise on selling yourself to universities too if it's not much hassle? I would really appreciate it. My email address is xx


good luck with midwife application :)

i have a 2 year old and another one on the way.

i breast fed my son until he was 4 months, i would of done it longer but he developed bad reflux so he had to go onto anti-reflux milk.

i thing breast feeding is very important for babies, its the only natural thing thats designed to feed our babies, plus its great for bonding mummies and babies.

i will be breast feeding this little one too :) xx


It is important for a child to get breast fed but due to lack of time mothers prefer the bottle. Otherwise, you can also use a manual breast pump.