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Baby is napping less and less

Hi, I am new here! I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. My baby is 11 months old and he used to go for several naps during the day that would total around 4h of sleep (plus his 7pm to 6am night of sleep). Now that we he started to reject his naps...should I assume he no longer needs that much sleep?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi marlaboni! I'm also new here :)

My little girl is 20 months at the end of the week, and we went through a similar thing when she was about 9 months old. When she was tired, she would just fall asleep. 7pm-6am is a really long time to sleep, so I think probably your baby is just adjusting to how much he needs.

Is he sleeping for longer during the night, now that he doesn't want to nap anymore?


I'm also new. And just echo fortunecookie's experience. No two babies the same but both of ours started rejecting the morning naps at roughly this time. We cut out the morning nap but kept afternoon for a long time after.


Hi there Marla - thanks for your question. All babies are a bit different but I have added a link to an article about naps in the first year based on our sleep expert Mandy Gurney's advice on how much sleep babies need in their first year:


Hi marlaboni - yes, our daughter was the same. She gave up the morning nap and only kept the afternoon one but it lengthened slightly. Our son is 10 months old now and still has two naps. I wouldn't fight it - they will naturally adjust to the amount of sleep they need during the day; like the other posters have said, every child is different. Hope this helps and good luck!