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Epilepsy. Why does my epilepsy always scare the living daylights out me?


Ever since I can first remember each and every time I have an a epilepsy attack is that it always scare the living daylights of me. However when the epilepsy attack goes so does what was the vivid memory of also leave me until the next attack?

I would appreciate it if other people suffering in same way would please communicate back to me.

Likewise could they please tell me how they have ratified this problem.

Many thanks and hoping for early replies.

Kind regards


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Hi Richard,

I also find my tonic clonic seizures frightening.

However, I remember most of what happened during the seizure until I come round when a bit dazed and loss of balance etc. is incurred.

Memory loss never goes after a seizure, which I am grateful for... It helps me remember where I was, who I was with and at what time it happened.