First Time Intercourse while suffering from PCOD

My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years and are madly in love with each other. We wish to have sex now and it will be a first time for both of us... Only thing which is stopping us is that i have PCOD and currently being treated for it. My boyfriend is worried if it will affect my health in any way that my gynecologist will get to know and also we are concerned that can my gynecologist get to know that i am no longer a virgin when she will performs ultrasound or pelvic checks or by any other means???

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  • There is this common misconception that the hymen can break, the only reason we bleed during sex is if we get scared and worried that it's gonna hurt because of the virgin myth we clench up the muscles in our vaginas and don't produce proper lubrication. (Or there's a illness such as endometriosis, or cervical cancer).

    The hymen can only be broken before puberty when it is a thin fragile membrane and in some cases it breaks during pregnancy. If you have a improperly developed hymen like an imperforate hymen, you will need surgery before having intercourse.

    After puberty, estrogen causes the hymen to grow into a strong elastic membrane, kinda like your labia.

    Yes you do have to tell your Gynacologist you are sexually active, their there to help you, they won't judge you for it.

    Also remember some STD's and STI's like herpes can be transmitted from skin to skin contact, which means condoms won't protect you.

    And please before having sex research more about your body because otherwise confusion will lead to it not being a pleasurable experience. I mean research anatomy and look down there, since he's a virgin he probably doesn't know himself. Woman don't often feel pleasure with penetration alone.

    Also since you do have PCOS, deep penetration may hurt, the average vagina is around 3 inches deep when not aroused and can go up to 6 sometimes more, so please discuss that when you say "stop" or "no" he needs to. You can always take your consent back.

    The only way your Gynacologist would be able to tell is if you have tearing inside and rarely out which takes 48 hours to heal. If you aren't using a condom they can tell because of sperm and also if you develop a Ph imbalance leading to BV or yeast because sperm is basic and your vagina is acidic.

    Overall you gyno needs to know you are no longer a virgin because with PCOS, sex could hurt, you can develop infections and sometimes get pregnant, I'm not saying not to, it's your choice but if you have sex you need to tell your Gynacologist because you need to start getting Pap smears even if he is a virgin.

    It is nothing to be ashamed about an if you are ashamed of having sex, then don't have sex because that just proves you aren't ready.