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Hi I've had asthma since I was a little girl but I need help with my eczema?

Hi I have had asthma from being a little girl but I had eczema as a baby and then it cleared up and the bout two years ago I had been diagnosed with acute eczema on my face which ty prescribed me epaderm 3 in 1, and today the doctor diagnosed with eczema which at first he though was a yeast infection which was two weeks ago but he diagnosed me with eczema and he said it is slightly infected so he gave me some darkacort cream for the infection and some double base cream For the moisturizing of it as it is on my front of arms at bend of the elbow, my neck, stomach, back of arms and legs, and thighs but he didn't say whether it will never go away or whether it will go away has anyone got any advice for me . 

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