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feeling a little lost

I was daignosed with dyslexia 5 years ago though work. I seemed to get everything wrong. I was there for 6 years. I have no idea what my report means aprt from being dsylexic and dsypraxic. I only saw the report becuase i phoned the company who did the asesment. My company tried to keep the report from me.

I have spent my whole life feeling stupid.

Six months ago i was made redundant and i have been going in to see my work coach. I asked about getting some help to cope with my dsylexia as my condifence is low. This is effecting me getting a job. But the job centre gave me a number for a private person as there is no dsylexia help anywhere near where i live. I can't afford to pay for help. The job centre will only pay when i am in paid work and that won't be for much.

Why is it that dsylexia and dsypraxia is recongiesd under the disability act but there is no help unless you can afford to pay a great deal of money. I strugle on a daily bases to achive and always worked harder to do things than my collegues had to. Just sending an email was hard and a much longer process.

i realy dont know what to do. Everyone is telling me to get a job but i just have no condifcene. It must show as well as i havent been offer anything yet.

Any advice on what i can do would be great. I would like to hear if others are haveing the same issues.


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Hi there, I'm dyslexic too, welcome to the club :-) I’m 38 and was diagnosed when I was 7. Most dyslexic people are smart and achieve a lot, the usual celebrities like Richard Branson, Tom cruise, Janie Oliver if you're in the UK, they believe Einstein and DaVinci also displayed the signs.

The best advice I can give you from my whole life is; educate yourself, all the time, in everything, and never stop, dyslexia is an input and export issue, not a central intelligence issue. For example, your problem-solving skills are probably great! But maybe your reading or spelling isn’t so hot, Maybe?

Strategies are essential; i.e. I saved up and bought a kindle, this means I can press a word and it tells me what it is, or with novels, I press a name and it reminds me what the person is, I can format the text to stop rivers happening too, this is one of the hundreds of my own strategies. Or when writing a letter for a job use the app called Grammarly, the paid version is pretty amazing but the free one is useful, I'm actually using it in on my phone to write this as my spelling isn't amazing.

Regarding confidence; maybe don’t base it on what you achieve or what you know, but maybe base it on whether you are trying your best in the given circumstance, like if you relived today with the same knowledge, would it have the same result? Because all you can do is try your best with what you've got today. And to improve the outcome in future put a plan together and get learning :-) A good book to read on all of this is the chimp Paradox.

Anyway, I haven't got it all sorted, but I know how you feel from experience, and if it all gets too much, come on here, or possibly try the app called headspace and do a few minutes mindfulness to clear your head.

Hope some of that was useful, you've got a great future ahead, and it definitely won't be dull! :-)