Struggling with numbers i need to know if theres a light at the end of the tunnel. I was told sort of offhandedly when i was younger that i had dyslexia. Its been around but never something that majorly affected me. Well as of the last few months its been horrible. Im failing college when i was a straight A student before. I literally cant count paper bills. Its horrible....i dont even know how im going to so upset about it...i feel like an idiot when im trying to pay for items because i just can't count....i feel so lost. And where its never been a major issue before my family acts as if its nothing.......

I dont know what to do....i need advice. I havent been under any extra stress....i sleep....its as if my brain has just given up....has anyone else dealt with this?.... Any suggestions?.... Im feeling so worried now just because i cant even self esteem is plummeting and im going to lose my financial aid.....

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  • Have you looked at getting tested to have a firm diagnoses of dyslexia or maybe even dyscalculia?

  • No i havent....i didn't really see the point. I mean it cant be fixed can it? What would it help?

  • "Fixed" no, but if you knew either way then there are strategies to work around these things. Also, you said you're failing at college, well there could be support there to help you through and if there were aspects of a job you struggle with and your employers knew why, they may be understanding & allow you more training in that area or longer to get to grips with it

  • Ah ok. Thank you for the input :)