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Dancing Eye Syndrome Support Trust

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Welcome to the dancing eye syndrome community! This community has been created with the assistance of the Dancing Eye Syndrome Support Trust to provide you with a space to connect with other caregivers and patients.

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Hello Everyone

I am one confused lady. I have had flashing in my left eye for the past 8months along with every now and again what looks like a cobweb all across the left eye. Optician cannot find anything wrong. CTScan is thankfully all clear. I have now been referred to an eye specialist but just been informed that as I have been referred to them as an emergency then it is a minimum of 6months waiting instead of the 12months if not an emergency!. The flashing which I tend to see at night when it is dark can be a straigt bright line or an upside down V and tends to be at the top centre and sometimes to the left of the eye, over the past week I have now started to also see a round white spot in the left corner of my eye. the flashing only last a split second and then repeats more often if I blink my eyes. I also get dry eyes and have a cream to use as and when which helps the eyes to stop feeling gritty but does nothing to stop the flashing in the eye. Quite often I feel as though I have a cold which causes pain in/around my left eye and also down the left side of my nose and pain my my left cheek. This is helped by taking a pain killer tablet. The consultant (from CTScan) and doctor thinks it may be migrain that I am suffering from? and my optician says that it could be vision migrain, she also said that it could possibly be a bad circulation problem?. I just feel so worried as it is ongoing and as my doctor forgot to transfer me to the eye specialist in October this means I now have another five months to wait to see the eye specialist so any advise would be greatly appreciated. I

I was diagnosed three months ago with underactive thyroid and I now take Levothyroxine 50 micro-grams per day. When the trouble with my eye started I was trying different contact varifocals but once this problem occured I now wear glasses only.

Look forward to hopefully hearing from someone soon :-)